Sunday, August 28, 2011

Diapers & More

It finally happened. After 3 months, we had to go buy our first box of diapers. Yes, 3 Months! From the numerous packages of diapers we recieved at baby showers to the many diapers we handed down from Kati Ivey (thank you Karlyn for growing!), we were completely blessed and were thrilled we could save money in that department!


I'm thinking that we may be moving into a size 2 for Mallory soon so these diapers can be passed onto my new baby niece, Eva, who will be here soon! I remember thinking that Mallory would be 3 months when Eva is born and now the time is here!

As mentioned before, Mallory is loving the TV and sometimes she lays on her play mat and plays and watches what ever is on. Saturday morning I just put her in her bouncy seat and let her watch cartoons. It's nice that she does have something to occupy her so I can be arms free for a bit. Usually she's eating her blanket or burp rag while enjoying the cartoons.


Living the Life

Hope you have a wonderful day! God Bless!

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