Friday, August 12, 2011

Play Date

Yesterday afternoon, Mallory's friends, Liam & Karlyn and their moms, Lyndsey & Kati, came over for a play date. I was looking forward to having this play date with them before I went back to work. All three of these little ones will be in the same grade and I'm excited about that. I'm so thankful for Kati & Lyndsey for all the answers they given me when I had momma questions.

Trying to get them all to smile for a picture was a fun time - at least we got them all looking at the camera!

We had a great time just hanging out and talking. Liam's definitely got his pick of girls around his age. I look forward to watching all of our children grow up together.


They all did good getting their picture made. Then, Karlyn wanted to help take Mallory's bow off. This picture makes me laugh.


Mallory had so much fun that she fell asleep before the play date was over. Unfortunately, before the date was over, we discovered that ants have literally taken over our house. We had some in our sink that Brian had gotten rid of but then we found a hole in our baseboard where they have decided to come in from the heat and to find water/food. I killed the ones I could with the dustbuster but Brian the exterminator is attacking them now. Thankfully we all survived :)

Thanks to our friends for coming over!

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Lyndsey said...

We had fun!! We'll have to plan some Friday lunch dates soon!