Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tuesday Tidbits

Happy Tuesday! My little chunky monkey and I have just been hanging out this past week. Not too much going on. I'm trying to enjoy these weeks I have with Mallory. After this week I only have 4 weeks left so I want to cherish each day we get to spend with each other before I go back to work.

I'm happy to say that Mallory is sleeping much better at night for longer stretches. I really hope she keeps that up! I'm trying to get us into a good bedtime routine so we will all be in a good routine when I go back to work. We will see how that goes - any helpful advice is appreciated!

I have to give a shout-out to my husband who did a great job teaching Sunday School Sunday morning. I was a very proud wife to see him teach all that he had studied. Afterwards, we went to eat with our class. I love being with each of the couples and their kids. I appreciate the friendships we have and am happy Mallory has great friends to grow up with!

Brian and I are also playing on our church softball team. I just hit for the first time last night - well I wouldn't necessarily say "hit". I did strike out the first time and grounded out the second. Guess I need to hit the batting cages soon! I enjoy cheering our team on and the fun time we have together!

How's that for randomness? We are making it through the dog days of Summer hanging out with family and friends. I took the picture below this morning. Mallory had been fussing for a couple of minutes and then when I go to get her, she was out with her hands up. Haha - she cracks me up!

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Kati said...

Too cute! I love the last pic; sometimes they just fuss themselves to sleep :> I totally vote for a bedtime routine! I started that with Karlyn and we'd do a bath, pj's, feed, and then to bed with a lullaby cd. I tried the lotion sometimes too but she wasn't much of a fan. Glad she's doing better for you!!