Sunday, July 10, 2011

Let's Go Rangers!

Last Tuesday night, Brian and I headed to the Ballpark in Arlington with our friends Cooper and Jill to watch the Rangers play the Orioles. Cooper & Jill have season tickets and they knew how much I liked the Orioles (Rangers are my #1 team, Orioles are #2 - I know they aren't very good but you have to stick with them in the down years!) so they got tickets for Brian and I to go with them when the Orioles came into town. The picture above shows the view from our seats - they were great!

As excited I was about the game, I was also excited to eat the Ballpark Nachos!

Brian and I had a great time!

My Dad would be so proud because I kept the scorecard the whole time.

Cooper wanted to sit by Brian so I was happy to sit by Jill :)

Thank you to the Crowells for inviting us along to the game! We love hanging out with yall! It's so neat to me to see how things come full circle. I've known Jill all my life and now we attend and serve in the same Sunday School class at our church. I enjoy it so much!

Mallory enjoyed her time at her Nana and Papa's. They showed us on the TV and I asked mom if Mallory saw us but unfortunately, she was asleep. Maybe next time! Oh, and the Rangers won!

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