Friday, June 3, 2011

Go Mavs!

Last night our favorite Estes family came over to celebrate our nephews last day of school and to watch the Mavericks play the Heat. Mallory wanted to stay awake and cheer them on but she slept through it. Although she did manage to wake up right about the time mom and dad wanted to go to bed so we got to watch many highlights of the game since we were up!

Our nephew Cade was worn out after a long last day and getting his awards. He just wanted to get into our bed and go to sleep. He looks so cute - we wanted to include him so we decided to take a pic of him cheering on the Mavs from his sleep too.

Caleb did stay awake and watched it with us and loved on his cuz. He also got many awards at school today and we are so proud of him! Mallory loves it when all of her family comes over as does her mom and dad because she is well taken care of!

Thanks to Stephanie for the pics and here's to 3 more wins Mavs! You can do it!!

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