Sunday, June 5, 2011

2 Weeks Old

This post is a day late but yesterday, June 4, you turned two weeks old Mallory! It's hard to believe that we were planning on having you on June 3rd and you are already here! I'm so glad because I honestly couldn't imagine being pregnant, even for 2 more weeks. I was happy to meet you when we did!

I was excited to find a couple of dresses and outfits that fit you. You do not like it when we have to change clothes but I love dressing you up in all of the cute things you got. I can't wait until you can fit in most of the clothes in your closet.

You are still trying to get your days and nights straightened out. You aren't as wide awake in the middle of the night like you were a couple of nights ago. You are eating like a champ and I know you are definitely growing. We had your cousin Caleb stand on the scale alone and then hold you and we estimated you are at least 6lbs now but we will see when we go to the Dr on Wednesday.

You sleep very well in your Rock'n'Play ( thank you Kati ) and you like hanging out on your boppy too - that's where most of our photos come from because you are content there :)

I take a lot of iPhone photos of you and I need to upload them all. I try to catch you mid smile but usually your hands go right up in front of your mouth when I take the pic.

You like to sleep on your Dad's chest. We both will be sad when he goes back to work tomorrow but thankfully he doesn't work far from home so we will have to visit sometime.

My parents, your Nana & Papa, have kept you a couple of nights so Brian and I could get out, eat and run some errands. Nana likes to dress you up too and she took some cute photos of you while we were gone.

Gotta love the tutu

Papa and Mallory

I don't know if I will do all of the weekly updates but will definitley do monthly ones. I love being able to document how much you are growing because I know I will look back at these posts to remember how little you were. We Love You!


The McIntires said...

That picture of her on B's chest is adorable!

Luanne said...

She is so precious!

Lyndsey said...

too cute! i love that picture of her on brian's chest, she looks extra tiny!

Josh and Shan said...

LOVE the tutu!!!

Kati said...

Mallory, you are too cute! I'm so glad you're enjoying your rock n play. Karlyn and I want to visit you SOON!

Your mommy is having fun with you and all your pretty dresses :> Be good for her while daddy's at work!