Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tuesday Tales

Last night, Brian drove us to Fate to see our friends, The Loflands. We got to be meet their new baby boy, Liam, for the first time. We brought them a home cooked meal of Popeye's :) Not much cooking going on by me due to the bed rest so it was fried chicken. I think they were happy with it - I hope so! I got to hold Liam for a while. He is so little and so precious!

Lyndsey and Liam - Mallory's future husband?

We then had to head over to our friend's, the Bedfords, to pick up a bow I had asked Nicole to make for me. She is so talented! She will be at Aspasians this weekend so if you go, stop by her booth. It was a great short visit with them ( can't be out too long - Brian keeps a track of all the time I'm out - he does take good care of me! ) Brad and Nicole's little girl loved Brian holding her. Just makes me smile to see what's in our future.

She was smiling before I took the photo, of course

I just had to take a picture of Nicole's work room. Look at all of the ribbon! I love having such talented friends!

Nicole also graciously gave Mallory some headbands for her to wear. I'm so looking forward to seeing Mallory in all her headbands and bows.

I'm so thankful for all of our friends ... they are the best!


The McIntires said...

Her bow room is heaven for a little girl's mommy!!!

Lyndsey said...

We devoured your dinner last night - thank you!! And I'm so glad you mentioned the craft fair this weekend because I thought it was last weekend and we had missed it, but now we can still go!

Josh and Shan said...

We go on Sunday to take them dinner and I can't WAIT to see Liam in person!!