Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Cleaning

I love Sundays! It was a great morning - our friends, Cooper & Jill Crowell, joined FBC Rockwall. I've known Jill all my life and Brian and I are so excited to serve God alongside them. We had lunch with them afterwards and am so thankful to see what all we can do together with all of our brothers and sisters in Christ!

Sunday afternoon, it was Spring Cleaning time! Many months ago, our guest room was our junk room. Brian and I spent a whole Saturday going through everything and cleaning. What we kept, we just put in the closet. Well, now that we have our daughter joining us in less than 2 months, we are blessed with all we have and will receive, we just need a place to put it! So, it was back to the guest room - into the closet to clean.

The Beginning.

We pulled everything out to begin. Where did we get all of this stuff? I know there are many things that we don't want to part with so it was just trying to figure out what we needed and what we just wanted. We could move some stuff to our garage but there isn't a whole lot of more room out there so there you go. It was fun to look at all of our things though.

Brian found a picture of him as a boy. Handsome then and now :)

Best of all - I pulled out my old batons from my majorette days. I loved to twirl and it was fun to twirl again. No, those did not make the trash!

The End.

We are ready to fill this closet with all that Mallory needs. It's so nice to have a clean start. I know we have a lot more to do but this is something I can cross off my list and that makes me happy! Hope you all have a wonderful week!

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Lori said...

I love cleaning things out!! And how exciting to get ready for your sweet girl - this is such an exciting time!! Some of our best friends joined our church about two years ago and it has been WONDERFUL to serve the Lord next to them!!