Friday, April 8, 2011

My Standing Appointment

Yesterday was my weekly standing appointment at the Doctor's office. Brian and I are becoming good friends of the nurses since we see them every week. They are all very nice and I am thankful for that. My main nurse is Mary and she's the one who takes my blood pressure every week. Now that my BP is high each time I go, she just takes and shakes her head and "Amanda, what are we going to do?" She's really nice and I do feel comfortable with her. When she took my BP before I left, it had gone down and Mary said "Beautiful." I told her I had never heard that from her before.

We get a weekly sonogram of Mallory also. Mallory moves all the time but of course, not when the sono tech is trying to see her. We did get a couple of more pictures of her which is worth going for. My Doctor said everything with Mallory still looked good so I just take this bed rest week by week and each good report of how Mallory's doing is another week down. Maybe one day when I go, I'll get as good as a report as my daughter!

Isn't she lovely?

Today I am 31 weeks so we are getting closer and closer. I was looking forward to going to the doctor yesterday because that's the first time I had been out of the house since Sunday. It was nice just to breathe the fresh air.

I have decided that I do have White Coat Syndrome. Yes, self-diagnosis and then my Dr agreed with me yesterday. I go in wanting my blood pressure to be low because if I know it is too high, I will have to go to the hospital but because I think so much about it not being too high, it jumps up when I'm there. I know it doesn't make the high blood pressure go away, it just is a lot higher when I'm at the doctor and even though it is high when I'm at home if I'm up, it's not near as high as my dr's visits. Maybe my Dr could start making house calls and see me while I'm on the couch? Not likely.

So, here's to another week! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Lyndsey said...

I'm sad it's still high but getting a good report on Mallory helps I'm sure! I wish I could come visit you but no driving allowed for me! No one wants me on the road right now anyways - I'd probably drive like 2mph with Liam in the back!

31 weeks down, 9 (or 6) more to go!

Kati said...

Mallory is SOOO cute! Glad you are both doing well and resting up :-)

It looks like she's blowing bubbles in there ;>

Becky said...

just catching up on my blog reading. I hate that you've had such trouble with your blood pressure BUT, take it from someone who only gets like 1 or 2 sonograms of her baby the whole pregnancy that being able to see Mallory each week up until she's born is SO cool. Praying all goes well from here to the end!! I can't WAIT to see sweet Mallory!!