Tuesday, January 18, 2011

This Week In Garland

As I've mentioned before, I am working Garland all week so since I usually blog about my travels, I thought I would do the same even though I'm just down the road :) Most of the people are coming in tomorrow so there's only been production guys and couple of other people at the Center. I took the time to take some pics detailing our week getting ready for our event starting Friday.

Where I am laying my head at night - it is really a nice hotel if someone you know needs a place to stay

Where I am working all this week. I usually only see the outside of it before sunrise and after sunset.

These are my fellow Event Planners - they stopped by to see me today!

This is my office - called the OPS (Operations) office. Where all the big decisions are made and where I go to hide from all of the teenage girls. This is the view from my little desk.

The view into the Ops Office

So when you are here all week, you have time for projects. Our drama team needs a casket as a prop so this is Jonesy building it for them.

Jeremy is one of the Production guys who is already over it, and it's just Tuesday!

This is what we call Video World. This is where all of the graphics on the screen are controlled as well as what cameras are showing what on the big screens and much much more!

It's coming together. I wanted to get a pic of the stage being built. I can't wait to see it when we are finished. It will look great!

We are getting closer to the event starting and rehearsals are going well so far. No word yet if they will let me up on stage to sing with the Praise Band but I'm really hoping this year is my year!

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Kati said...

Thanks for the tour! Love the "over it" production guy...we've all been there right? I hope the event goes GREAT and that you enjoy yourself too :> Good luck on the singing!