Sunday, January 16, 2011

Time to Sleep

I always talk about things I need and then never go get them. Well, I guess after many weeks of tossing and turning and me keeping Brian up, he went and got me a body pillow yesterday and I was so thrilled. I've been saying I need to get one but hadn't gotten to it. My doctor told me I couldn't lay or sleep on my back anymore and since laying on my stomach isn't comfortable anymore, my choices are sleeping on my left or right side. I'll start on one side, wake up and turn over, go back to sleep, wake up again, turn over and back to sleep. Repeat x5. It feels like that some nights.

I tried the body pillow last night and loved it! I just snuggled it and was able to sleep in different positions on my side which helped out wonderfully and I slept much longer and didn't wake up as many times.

Brian got me the brown pillow cover which makes it feel so soft. Who knew I would ever blog so much about a pillow? But I am grateful that I can get more sleep because I know I will need it come June. There are also many things that I'm learning that I don't just need during pregnancy, I'll probably use them afterwards, including maternity pants :)


The McIntires said...

You will be proud of that purchase come the end of your pregnancy. It will feel so good to prop your belly on it when you are laying on your side!

Kati said...

Amanda, I LOVE the new blog look! Good job! And I'm so happy you got your body pillow - it is an amazing thing! I still use mine :> ...which I'm sure Ryan is thrilled about :)