Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Day 2010

Christmas morning, Brian and I headed over early to Rob and Stephanie's to see our nephews open their gifts. They were waiting for us to get there so they could see what gifts had been left for them.

Let the opening begin!

We got Cade a new nerf gun ... he was very excited and soon shots were being fired

Caleb holding some of his new clothes

Brian and his mom on Christmas morning

Rob opening his new tool bag and socket set

After the boys and we opened all of our presents, we had breakfast. Stephanie made a yummy breakfast casserole and cinnamon rolls for us. We had a great time over there for Christmas morning. They boys were so happy and it was fun to see all they received.

After we enjoyed breakfast and good conversation, we headed over to Brian's aunt and uncles to celebrate Christmas and eat lunch with his family. I ate way too much as usual. Turkey, dressing, casseroles and our newest member of the family, Abbi, made the most wonderful spinach and artichoke dip. I couldn't get enough! We also decided this year that the adults would exchange white elephant gifts. I couldn't wait to see all that was brought.

All the kids ready to open their presents

Pop and Mimi got all the kids blankets. Caleb was the only one with an OU blanket :)

Me and Stephanie - I'm so glad we are sister-in-laws

Time for White Elephant gifts and Kam got a life size Star Wars action figure

This is the gift I brought and Rob got it :) A trophy maker that my dad knew made this for me when I was born. As nice as it is, it was time to give it away. Merry Christmas Rob!

Above was the highlight of the day...Brian's cousin Foster got this sweater as his gift so Brian put it on and threw on the Cowboy hat. We laughed so hard

We later went over to my aunt's house to see my family on Christmas Day. We ate and watched a little of the Cowboy game before we headed back home so Brian and I could do Christmas together.

When you don't have a fireplace, you just find one on TV :)

Brian with one of his presents - duck hunting decor to go in his office

Me holding one of my gifts, white cheddar popcorn from Popcorn Papa - Yummo!

We had a wonderful Christmas this year and are so blessed to read the Christmas story and remember what Christmas is all about. We were able to see all of our family and just enjoy being with everybody. Here's to an amazing 2010 Christmas!

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