Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Eve 2010

Christmas Eve Eve night we all stay at my parents house and then wake up Christmas Eve morning for our family Christmas. I'm so glad that we have started this tradition because we are all together for our family time and we play games and have a good time!

Christmas Eve morning - Dad reading the Christmas Story

Singing Happy Birthday to Jesus

Kayden took everything out of her stocking and then decided to wear it :)

And what did Kiersi & Kayden get? Pillow Pets. Kayden got a turtle and Kiersi got a unicorn

Dad with his new book

Mom with her new potholders

Kiersi and Kayden opening their present from us. We got them clothes and this pop-up Disney castle tent. I think it is bigger than what we thought. I'm sure Greg and Melody are very happy with us...haha

Greg and Melody opening their gifts

Ryan and Kate opening their presents

Nana and Papa also got the girls bikes and got them a keyboard and microphone. Once the microphone got turned on, it was 3 hours of Jingle Bells and lots of Christmas songs. It was so fun and they loved singing!

Singing loud and proud

Every year my parents hide the pickle ornament in the tree and we all try to find it. I'm so proud to say my husband found it this year. It was a tough find but thankfully no one was hurt in the looking for the pickle.

Singing some more

We had a wonderful Christmas Eve with our family. Mom made a great breakfast and played many games. I didn't win at any of them but enjoyed playing the game. It will be fun to add another little one to the mix next year.

Christmas Eve night, Brian, Rob, Stephanie, Cade, Caleb and I went to look at Christmas lights in Highland Park. There were many pretty houses and we also saw the lights at Preston Village. Gorgeous.

Highland Park Village

It was a glorious Christmas Eve with family and we went to bed thankful for our blessings and looking forward to Christmas morning!

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