Friday, February 5, 2010

Happy Friday! I wanted to share a website that has really helped me this year. It's It provides daily information on food, health and gives lots of great info on every part of your life. It also has The Daily Plate which has thousands of foods for you to see how much calories, fat, carbs, sodium, etc... that each food has. It has just given me a better understanding of what all is in the food I have been eating and the food I am eating now.

I also had Brian download the Iphone App so if we are somewhere and I'm deciding what to eat, I can just pull up The Daily Plate on his phone and see the nutritional information (sometimes I care not to see the calorie count though and enjoy my meal...haha)

This is just a picture - not of my information :)

I like food and I'm an emotional eater...that's a fact. But I'm really happy that I've learned a lot by just using this website. Hopefully, it will be information that stays with me a long time. Being Healthy is the goal!

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Kati said...

I'm gonna have to check this site out...I keep hearing about it. Are you having Cotton Patch potato soup tonight?? I'm jealous if so! I tend to eat emotionally if I'm in the right mood too...every now and then's ok I figure :)