Monday, December 14, 2009

Sunday School Christmas Party

Let me preface this blog by saying how blessed Brian and I are to be in our Sunday School class. We had been in another wonderful SS class before we got married and once we got married we both knew it was time to move on but change is hard and we knew it would be. We loved our old SS class but followed God and moved into Phil & Sarah Rawley's class and have never looked back. We love Phil & Sarah and all of the couples in our class...we do thank God everyday for our church family and look forward to growing in the Faith with our friends.

All that to say, last night was our SS Christmas Party! Tony and Mary Meeks were kind and opened their home to us. It is so beautiful. We ate so much - wow - the women in our class can cook...thankfully, I just had to bring dessert!

The Meeks' beautiful Christmas Tree

Everybody eating

Samantha is behind the decoration

After we ate, it was time for the gift exchange. We played the game where a gift could be stolen up to three times and then it was frozen and couldn't be stolen anymore. And the fun began, there was stealing of all of the gift cards and some presents. Most everything was stolen except Shannon's LSU poncho and Michael's Enfamil he received. :) All in all we had a great time and hopefully everybody left with something good.

Brian was so excited he drew #2 - his favorite number

Lane got a Snuggie

But Samantha stole it and gave everybody the evil eye if they even thought about stealing it from her ... haha ... and she tried it on for us :)

Shannon and her LSU poncho

Keith picking out a gift

Mary in deep thought deciding on what to steal

Andrea & Michael with his Enfamil he tried to give away

and I left with $10 cash! Woo Hoo!

Thank you all for a great time! We did miss Phil & Sarah because they were on their way back from their trip to Israel and their flight got changed so they couldn't come. I can't wait to hear about their trip though! I'm already looking forward to next year's party! Merry Christmas :)

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