Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Movies

I love Christmastime (is that a word? if not, I just made it one!) Anywho, I love all of the Holiday movies that come on this time of year! Some are old classics and some are new. I don't have too much planned this weekend, besides shopping, so I was thinking of what Christmas movies I need to watch. I've put my top 5 Christmas movies below. I've seen a couple of them already this weekend but I will need to watch my #1 movie soon.


"Snow, Snow, Snow, Snow"...Love all of the music and dancing in this movie. It is the Best!

"I Like Smiling, Smiling is My Favorite"
- my favorite part in this movie is when he comes to NYC for the first time and the fun begins

I know this isn't the original but I love the 90's version because I love Mara Wilson as the little girl. Great story and Great Movie

This was on the other night and I was so excited to watch it! It's funny but sweet at the same time.

Ok - Don't Judge - you know there is a movie that you secretly love that nobody knows about. Growing up we watched all of the Ernest movies and my brothers and I loved watching and laughing at this movie. Everytime I see it, it takes me back to my childhood and makes me Smile :)


So there you have my (Amanda's) pics ... please note these are not Brian's top 5...haha... please tell me which Christmas movies are you faves



Josh and Shan said...

We have the SAME taste!!

I LOVE Miracle On 34th Street (the newer version) I have to watch it every Christmas!!!

ELF: Uh oh, sounds like somebody needs to sing a Christmas carole!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...
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matt said...

Genius Amanda! Especially the Ernest selection:)

Miss you guys, hope to see you soon. Tell B “quack quack quackedy quack”. He’ll know what it means.

The McIntires said...

White Christmas is my #1 for sure!