Thursday, December 3, 2009

O Christmas Tree

I was so excited for Brian and I to have our own Christmas tree and a place to put up our decorations. We love where we are living right now but we know that we probably won't be here next Christmas so I didn't want to wild buying too many Christmas decorations b/c there isn't a lot of room to put them...but I really wanted a tree...even if it was a little one.

We got our cute little pre-lit tree at Wal Mart and it's just perfect. I know when we have a house one day I will purchase a bigger one but this one is great for now. If you look hard you can see the ornament with an "e" on it that Stephanie gave us last year...I love it! And Mom and Dad also gave us a pickle ornament to hang on the tree. I know my brothers and I are all grown but my parents still hide the pickle and whoever finds it, gets money. Brian found it last year - beginner's luck!

Our First Christmas Tree

I had some snowmen decorations that I had collected over the years but they have been in storage for a while. I was so excited to get them from my parents last night and I came right home and decorated the hutch. It's really the only thing we have in the house that I can put a lot of decorations on.

I ordered our Christmas stockings from Pottery Barn. Melody had told me about their stockings and I found they had free shipping last weekend so I ordered them. They had free monogramming and shipping on Cyber Monday - I missed that but that's ok. I love the stockings! I think they are so great and one day when we have a mantle, I can hang them on there...but until then, they are on the hutch.

I LOVE CHRISTMAS! I know that I get excited about Christmas decorations but I always remember what Christmas is all about! Let us celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ! Merry Christmas!


Kati said...

Love the tree! And the stockings look great hung there :>

The McIntires said...

Your tree looks beautiful!!