Monday, December 7, 2009

A Grand New Year

This past weekend in Sacramento, CA was our last Women of Faith event for the year! It was bittersweet because as happy as I am to be home for a while, I will miss the people I was used to seeing every weekend on the road.

Thursday night, we had a little End of the Year party. It was fun to play games and look back over the past year. This year's last event was even harder on some because next year we will not have events all throughout the year - we are just doing five events in the Spring and then the rest of the events in the Fall. Our schedule will be completely different and I'm looking forward to seeing how our new split-model will work!

The End of the Year Party Planning Committee with Marilyn

I love Chocolate Fountains!

Love these girls - Breanna & Lauren - WoF Event Planners

Me and Missi

I tried to take as many pics as I could so I could remember this year's event. I loved getting to listen to Steven Curtis Chapman all year long, I always made it out to hear Nicole C Mullen and/or Mandisa sing, and one my favorite moments every event is when our Worship Team would sing "In Christ Alone". Everybody in the arena singing that song together is a moment I'll never forget. Missi and Nia are not coming back next year to be on the worship team and I will miss this group so much...they were Awesome!

In Christ Alone

On the concourse at Haven's World Vision table - Randy, Me, Lionel, Demetrius and Haven

Love World Vision - look at all those beautiful children waiting to be sponsored

Corrie, Steve and me - the cutest and most fun couple!

Breanna, Tyler, Jennifer and me

Our Inventory Team & IT team ... these people work so hard behind the scenes to make the Women of Faith event happen! I'm so blessed to be able to work with these guys!

So long Women of Faith 2009 and hello to Women of Faith 2010...

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