Wednesday, October 28, 2009

And So It Begins Again...

October 31, 2009 - The First Day of Duck Hunting Season! Get excited! As I mentioned earlier this year - I envision ducks flying free and happily in the air while my husband likes to shoot them. Big Difference but opposites attract they say!

Starting Saturday, and for the next Saturdays to come, I will be alone under my warm covers as Brian puts on his camo and heads out.

I will miss him on those mornings but I know he is doing something he really enjoys! So while he is killing animals as his hobby, I will be sleeping in (when I'm not out of town for work) and shopping. Christmas is only less than 2 months away :)

At least he gets to see pretty sunrises.

And they wait for the ducks to come


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Kati said...

Maybe we can do some Christmas shopping together :)