Friday, May 22, 2009

I Love Elmo

For my niece's birthdays I got them matching Dora summer dresses, Kayden an I Love Elmo shirt and Kiersi a pink shirt. I wanted to give them some thing matching and something not matching. Well, my sister-in-law, Melody, called me a week ago and told me she was at Target exchanging the pink shirt for Kiersi for another I love Elmo shirt b/c Kiersi really wanted one like Kayden. That makes this Aunt smile so big! I was hoping they would like what I bought and apparently so.

Last night, Mom and Dad had the girls so I went over to see them and this is what they had on:

They showed me their t-shirts and told me how much they liked Elmo - so fun!

Later that night my mom (Nana) showed them the video on my blog of them blowing out their birthday candles. They laughed and even started blowing like they were going to blow out the candles again. So precious!

Watching their video with Nana; Kiersi trying to blow out the candles again!

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