Monday, May 11, 2009

Kiersi & Kayden's Birthday Party

Saturday was my niece's Kiersi and Kayden's Birthday Party! Kiersi turned 3 on May 2nd and Kayden turns 2 on May 26 so Greg and Melody decided have their parties together! It was held at their house in Providence Village so Brian and I headed out Saturday morning to go party!

Melody did a great job on the party - it started out with the kids decorating their chef's hats Melody had for them. They could put stickers on it, color it, etc... After their chef's hats were ready - it was off to the kitchen for the kids to make their own pizza's. Melody had also made each kid their own apron - so cute! After the pizzas were eaten, it was time to decorate their cookie. She had a table with the cookies and different color icing, sprinkles, colored sugar - all the works. The kids got to decorate their own cookie and enjoy it. So cool! Then it was time to sing Happy Birthday and blow out the candles (I have a video below of the singing and the girls blowing out their candles). Last but not least was the presents - those girls were ready to see what they had gotten. They received lots of clothes - which made Melody very happy and many toys, games, colors, etc..

Melody also made Chicken Spaghetti for the adults which was wonderful. It was a great party for the adults and kids! We had a great time and most importantly Kiersi and Kayden had a great birthday party!

Kiersi & Kayden's Chef's Hats Birthday Cakes

The family shot!

Decorating their chef's hats

Weston (Kiersi & Kayden's cousin) didn't wear his hat for long :-)

Time to decorate cookies; Kiersi just needed a few more sprinkles

Time to sing Happy Birthday

The pic on the left shows how fast the unwrapping of the gifts went - they were ready to see what was inside; Kiersi did stop to read her card :-)

All of their gifts

Video: Everybody singing Happy Birthday

Kiersi just couldn't get the last one to go out!


Cross Family said...

could you email me the pic of weston in his hat!!! too cute!!! you got some great pics!!

Cross Family said...

oh my email is

Melody said...

you got the best pics of the party! SO great!