Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Honeymoon Cruise Days 1 - 3!

Our Honeymoon Cruise was fantastic! After the wedding we drove to the big city of Fairfield and stayed the night at the Holiday Inn & Express! It was lovely since we were only there for about 9 hours. We stopped there b/c we knew we would be too tired to drive all the way to Houston that night. We got up Sunday morning, April 5 and headed for George Bush Intercontinental Airport where we dropped off the rental car and took the shuttle to the Port of Galveston!

We got in the long line to get on the boat but it moved pretty fast so it wasn't a long wait. We got onto the boat about 2pm and headed straight to our room. We just had our carry-on stuff b/c they delivered our luggage later. We surveyed our room and balcony and then walked around the big boat! We headed straight for the food! We hadn't eaten since breakfast and that was where Brian had the first of his many hamburgers! The food was really good. Before we left, we had to do the lifeboat drill so we had to grab our lifejackets and go to that - thankfully it didn't last too long b/c it was very crammed.

At 4pm, we left Galveston to start our cruise. We sat on our balcony and enjoyed watching as we left Galveston. Our luggage arrived that evening and we walked around to find where everything was on the boat. We found the arcade which both of us really enjoyed...haha - we had fun there. We went to eat - lots of eating on this cruise! When we came back there were some chocolate covered strawberries delivered to us by our wonderful Travel Agent, Sarah! I loved them!

Our Big Boat

Our bedroom above and our bathroom

The main deck - called the "Lido Deck"

Brian enjoying his hamburger; Us in our lifejackets for the drill

Leaving Galveston

Brian and I are on our balcony

The Main Lounge Room and the Elevators

The Main Show Room and the Casino

Our Chocolate Covered Strawberries and our first towel animal!

Day 1 Sunset

Days 2 & 3 were our days at sea...Monday - Day 2, I got sick - not seasick - Strep sick! I think it was b/c I was so tired, my immune system was low and who knows who had what when I hugged everybody at the reception. Thankfully, Monday was a day at sea so I was able to rest all day, get better and not miss a beat! We did find our way back to the arcade and Brian found a duck hunting game where you could shoot ducks in Arkansas - he loved it! We played many rounds of Air Hockey too! We took a 4 hour long nap Monday b/c we were so tired from the weekend before - it was greatness! The sky Monday night was beautiful - you will see in the pics below.

Brian playing the duck hunting game

Day 2 Sunset

Love these pictures!

Day 2 Towel Animal

Day 3 - Day at Sea - we decided to go lay out on the top deck of the boat. It was cloudy but nice and relaxing. Not a lot to say - except we ate and slept - more of the same and we enjoyed it! There are a lot of sunset pics b/c I love sunsets and to me it is God's artwork on display - so beautiful! Also, every night the steward would clean our room, put a paper with all of the next day's information and a Towel Animal on our bed. I loved coming and seeing which animal they had made next!

Laying out

These birds flew and landed on the balcony next to us - we hadn't seen land for 2 days but they found us

The sun shining in between the clouds - Day 3 sunset

Our Lounge singer (sang every love song with a Korean accent) & Day 3 Towel Animal


Kati said...

ahhh, love this post! I remember all that stuff!! :) I'm so glad ya'll had a good time and you got some beautiful pictures!

The Killough's said...

Looks like y'all had fun!!! The ship is so nice!!!