Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Day 4 - Jamaica

Day 4 - Wednesday - our first stop was Montego Bay, Jamaica! We docked early in the morning and Brian and I got off about 9:30 am. We took a cab to the shops to see what all they had. One thing they warned us about and is very true is the Jamaican people will follow you to get any money. As soon as we stepped foot on the island, we were swarmed. We got to the shops and as we shopped around, we got stopped asking if we needed a cab. Luckily, we had a cab driver we stayed with the whole time - Devon - and we stuck with him the whole time. He was always there when we needed him. But that didn't stop the people from coming - Brian would engage in conversation and I would just tell them No and walk away.

After we shopped around a while, we decided to head to the beach. The beach was pretty busy but it was nice. The water was so blue and beautiful - it was a great day. We laid out for awhile and just enjoyed the sun. We both got burnt but we survived. We both stepped into the water but it was pretty cold. I just loved looking out over the water - it was so fun. We left the beach and walked around the streets a little. We saw the Jamaican Bobsled Cafe - love the movie "Cool Runnings" so it was fun to see it. We also found Margaritaville and we ate lunch there. Burger and Nachos - all we needed! We got back to the boat around 2pm and then it was naptime!

We decided to go eat in the nice restuarant Wednesday night since we hadn't yet. I'm so glad we did - we had a great time! The food was excellent and they even danced to the Cha Cha Slide so I had to join in. It was a lot of fun. We had a table to ourselves which was nice b/c we really weren't there to meet new people.

Jamaica was really nice - we really enjoyed our first stop on the cruise! Welcome to Jamaica Man!

Jamaica from the boat

These people welcomed us to Jamaica - the little girl was so cute

Shopping around and someone trying to get us buy something

The best pic ever!

Goregous Water - our Carnival Boat from a distance above

Brian and I at the beach

Jamaican Bobsled Cafe on the left, Margaritaville on the right

Our driver Devon and Brian

Getting back on the boat and Jamaica as we left

Me dancing the Cha Cha Slide; Brian and I after dinner

Our dining room - the Monet Restuarant

Day 4 Towel Animal - my favorite!


Kati said...

I have a picture of me wearing that exact Jamaican hat that Brian is wearing, from our cruise...I'll have to show you!

The McIntires said...

Everything looks so fun and beautiful! I have never been on a cruise... but you are tempting me!!