Thursday, April 16, 2009

Rehearsal/Rehearsal Dinner

Love the Rehearsal Dinner invite! Billy Quinton made our invites for us and he did a fantastic job! It fits Brian so well - my only request was that there were no dead ducks on the invitation since Brian likes to shoot them!

Friday, April 3 - Rehearsal started at 6pm at the church. It was so exciting to see everything come together. The church was decorated and ready to go thanks to my family and Joyce! I had my bouquet of bows from my showers to use when I practiced walking down the aisle. We rehearsed 3 times and everybody felt good and were ready to go!

Everybody in their places

Everybody lined up

Practicing walking back

The Rehearsal Dinner was at Sammy and Sharon Fox's barn in Poetry. When I say barn - the outside looks like a barn but the inside is a big room! It was the perfect size and it was so beautiful out at their place that night. Brian's aunt and uncle - Pam and Kam cooked the best BBQ and fixin's. Meredith and Shannon helped serve and did a great job! The table decorations were so nice - Pam did a great job on those! Black and Red were the colors to match the wedding colors.

Our head table decoration

We all ate up and then we showed the slideshow my cousin Chris had made - we put it to the song "How Beautiful" b/c Brian and I love that song! There was a lot of laughter looking back at Brian and I's pictures from the younger years! I didn't think I would cry during the slideshow but I did towards the end just thinking of everybody who was all there with us that night - we are so blessed.

After the slideshow, Kam opened up the floor for anybody so say anything they wanted. Rob started it and said so many sweet things - we were all crying and he was the first one! From my brothers to Brian's cousin Foster - many of our friends and family stood up and said some heartfelt words that we will never forget. It was a great moment. Brian and I both got up to thank all the special people in our lives and I hope we were able to relay how much each person there truly means to us.

It was such a wonderful night and one we will never forget! After the dinner, it was off to bed so we could be rested for the Big Day! Julie and Jill came and stayed the night with me and we had so much fun talking and laughing. I'm so glad they came. Brian went to Kam and Pam's to hang out with his family and some friends that had come in for the wedding. Our last night before we were married!

Meredith, Me and Shannon

My plate - it was all so good!

My family enjoying their food

More family and friends having a good time!

Dad and Kam; Marsha Stephanie and Pam

Foster and Jim

Cade and Jensen; Kennedy and Kate

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