Saturday, April 25, 2009

Day 7 - Last Day at Sea

Day 7 - Saturday - was our last day on the cruise. It was a day at sea as we headed back towards Galveston. We weren't ready for the vacation to be over but we were ready to see our families. We slept in and relaxed all day long. Nothing planned but enjoy our last day at sea.

We walked to the Lido Deck to get food and all week long I had been staring at the big slide. I really wanted to do it but all I saw were kids on there but Today I saw about 10 adults standing in line so I knew if they were doing it, I was doing it. So a quick change and I was in line to slide! It was really a lot of fun - I did it three times...haha. I know I'm a grown up kid but it was really fun. I met a little boy in line who was so excited everytime he slid - he made me watch him the whole time. It was great.

Saturday night we went to dinner at the restuarant to enjoy the delicious meals and dessert one last time. I didn't even want to think about packing. We walked around to try to make sure we saw everything and remember it all.

Sunday morning, they called us by deck to get off the boat. We went through customs, shuttled to the airport and waited there for a while for our flight back home. It was delayed a little because of the rain on Easter but we made it. Rob, Stephanie, Caleb and Cade came to meet us and take us home - it was so great to see them when we got there. The boys were so excited to see B - so sweet. We had a Whataburger run and then it was off to our house - back to the Real World!

Our cruise was fantastic - if you've never been on one, I would highly suggest taking one sometime. I would also suggest to get a room with a balcony - we loved being able to sit out there at night and enjoy the sunsets and relax. It was very nice. I'm glad we decided on a cruise for our Honeymoon - we enjoyed it all and we have memories that will last a lifetime.

I put a video at the bottom - it is a tour of our Room...dumb me waited until the last night and it was dark outside so you don't get the full effect but you can see what our room looked like.

Our buffet we ate at alot!

Brian LOVED their French Toast; I could only eat cereal in the mornings b/c I was always so full from the days before

My view from the top of the slide; Me getting ready to go down

Relaxing on our last night

The map showing where we had been and where we were going - Green = where we had been; Red = where we were going

Day 7 Towel Heart

Tour of our Room

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