Friday, April 24, 2009

Day 6 - Cozumel

Day 6 - Friday - was our last stop at Puerta Maya, Cozumel. We docked early in the morning and Brian and I went to see what Cozumel was all about. We did most of our shopping and buying in Cozumel since it was our last stop. There was store called "Drugs and Deli" where you could buy all of the medication you needed and snacks. I laughed so hard in this store. I could stock up on all of the Amoxicillan for a long time and never go to the doctor. It was just a thought!

We shopped for a while and then decided to head to the beach. There were a list of places you could go so we just picked one and took the cab to Carlos and Charlies. We found cover and two chairs and just relaxed. Brian enjoyed a hamburger on the beach. It felt really nice and we just enjoyed the beach for a long while. I know in all the pics I'm wearing my white cover up - I wore it all week. It was the best thing I bought for the cruise!

After the beach, we went back to shop some more. We bought our soveniers for ourselves and others and then headed back. We didn't go to the restuarant Friday night - we just enjoyed the buffet. We really enjoyed Cozumel - it was my favorite out of all of the three places we stopped. The beaches and the shopping are nice. We had a great time there!

Cozumel from our balcony

Our cruise ship docked at Cozumel

Shopping at Cozumel

Brian and I with our guns

Drugs and Deli - all you could want!

This is a real person and he scared Brian really bad - it was funny :-)

Carlos and Charlies

Us and our Sprites

Shots from the beach

Time to get back on the boat

Sunset Friday night - So Beautiful

Day 6 Towel Animal

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