Thursday, April 23, 2009

Day 5 - Grand Cayman

Day 5 - Thursday - was our stop at Georgetown, Grand Cayman. There isn't a place for the big boat to dock so we had to put the anchor down and take a small boat to the island. Grand Cayman is also known as Brand Cayman b/c there are so many shops and everything is tax free! Brian and I decided to shop and not go to the beach b/c we planned to go the beach at Cozumel.

We walked around for a couple of hours - they had a lot of jewelry, crafts, etc... It was a nice day and we enjoyed walking around looking at the island. We really wanted to find the Fossil store and we finally did after walking around for a while. My goal was to find a magnet b/c I get one from every place I travel as my souvenier.

We didn't venture far and then after lunch we went back on the boat to nap before dinner that night. Thursday night was "formal night". It was fun to get dressed up for the night. It was a very romantic meal and we loved it! After dinner, we went to play air hockey in the arcade...haha! We also took a couple of pics with the Cruise photographer - they are everywhere taking your picture so you will buy it and we did this time b/c I wanted one of us all dressed up on our cruise. We call it our Prom Picture b/c that's how they had us standing for the shot. It was a great day!

Grand Cayman from out balcony

Our boat that got us to the island

All the animals

Me and the Pirate; Me and Brian

We found Fossil! Brian got a nice new wallet from there!

Of course, we found the DQ!

The Pirate Ship for the kids; the other two cruise ships there with us

Beautiful water!

All dressed up for dinner

Me and my seafood; Brian with his steak, fries and most importantly, Ketchup

The best dessert ever - Molten Chocolate Cake and Ice Cream!

Time for Brian to get beat at air hockey!

Day 5 Towel Animal


BigHead said...

Hey - Atleast I beat you one game out of 6.

Josh and Shan said...

There's no DQ in Rockwall Texas but there's one in Grand Cayman!

The McIntires said...

I have always wanted to go to Cayman. Looks beautiful!!