Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Work Shower

My wonderful co-workers threw me a shower during lunch on Friday! I can say that I am so blessed to work with people I can call my friends. They definitely keep me going sometimes! We had the shower downstairs at our office and it was decorated so nicely. There were so many good sweets including my favorite, chocolate covered strawberries! The punch was amazing also!

We ate and played a fun game. Jodi had emailed Brian some questions for him to answer and then she asked me the same questions. If I answered the same thing Brian did, nothing happened but if If I didn't, I had to chew a piece of double bubble gum. I missed the first two so I started off slow but I finished up answering 10 out of 15 correct. But the five pieces of double bubble were very hard to chew and there were many laughs.

We were blessed with more gifts from my wonderful friends. We received many things including gift cards which we can definitely use! We can't say thank you enough!

The beautiful decorations and food

Some of my wonderful co-workers

Chewing the gum, the final product in the cup

We received more towels and our TV Trays!

We also received some more Pyrex containers and we received more of our glassware!

Love that our Event Planners decided it would be a lingerie party :-)

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Becky said...

oh how I love the showers at WOF and man, how I miss the people! Everyone there always knows how to throw a party! :) Sounds like it was wonderful and you were blessed with lots of great things.