Saturday, November 15, 2008

Revolve Rockin' The Road

Our teen girls conference - The Revolve Tour - is off to a great star this year! Our conferences started in September and go until the end of February. This summer, to get word out about The Revolve Tour, we sent a tour bus out to festivals across the US! In doing so, the Gospel Music Channel wanted to come along and document the travels and we now have Revolve Rockin' the Road. It comes on Friday nights at 10pm on GMC. This Saturday, they are having a marathon to catch up on the shows that have already aired from 10pm-12am! You will follow Jenna Lucado (Revolve Speaker and Max's daughter), Chad Eastham (Revolve Speaker), Courtney Clark Cleveland (emcee for Revolve) and Sean Kelly (Tour Manager). Plus, you will see special appearances by Ayiesha Woods, Natalie Grant, Hawk Nelson and more! Set your DVR and enjoy!

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