Monday, November 17, 2008

Weekend Fun

This weekend was really fun b/c I got to see a lot of my family! I do love them! Friday night, we went to see the Royse City Bulldogs play at SMU. It was exciting b/c my dad has gotten to coach in many stadiums and SMU was one he hadn't been at before so he could cross this off his list! Unfortunately, they lost but they were happy to have made it to the playoffs! It was very cold but we all braved it to cheer the Bulldogs on. Congrats Dad on another great football year!

The Bulldogs running out and My dad giving the signs for defense

Nana, Kiersi and Kayden trying to stay warm

I was cold! Dad and Kiersi after the game

I stayed with Greg and Melody Fri night and then spent Saturday keeping my nieces. I had the best time! We colored and Kiersi loves it when you trace her hand or as she calls it "draw my hand." We have about 50 drawings of her hand but she was so excited everything you drew it. We sang and danced to Elmo singing Jingle Bells. We had to listen to it over and over until I told them that Elmo had to go to sleep for a little while. These girls were worn out from the night before so they both took good long naps. Once they were up - they wanted to know where Elmo was again so we sang and danced a little more. They are so cute!

Love this picture - Kiersi is ready for bed!


Dancing and singing Jingle Bells with Elmo

Sat night, Brian met us at The Macaroni Grill and it was a lot of fun with my brothers and their families. It was a great time of food and family! I can't wait until Thanksgiving!!!

The light was too bright for Brian - all of us at Macaroni Grill

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