Monday, October 13, 2008

Birthday/Football Weekend

Am I repeating myself? This fall has been birthdays and football galore but those are both of my favorite things so I'm loving it. This weekend was no different. It started out Friday night in Greenville as Brian and I went to watch Royse City beat Greenville 35 - 10. Way to go Bulldogs! Saturday it was up to see Caleb play football - Caleb & Cade played at the same time this weekend so since we saw Cade play last weekend, we watched Caleb play. His team won 7-0 and Caleb played really well. I got to wear my new shirt with Bulldogs on the front and Estes #44 on the back - Thanks Shannon!

It was then off to Jim & Laurie's for the Red River Rivalry Football Game. That's right UT vs OU! I was for UT and am so glad they pulled it out! There was a variety of OU and UT colors at the Barnett household so it made the game fun to watch! Laurie and Kennedy even made UT and OU cookies for everybody!

The Cutest Oklahoma fan!

Saturday night, Brian and I went to Denton for Ryan's birthday party. I called Ryan on his birthday on Friday and asked if he got any sleep the night before and he said he couldn't sleep in anticipation of his birthday. He cracks me up! We played Taboo - Boys vs Girls and of course, the girls won! We snacked, sang Happy Birthday and hung out with Ryan, Kate and their friends that I would say are our friends b/c we got to know them at the wedding. We had a great time!

Intense game of Taboo

Me enjoying my Coke on the stairs

Sunday, it was off to church - I was excited to go b/c I will not be at church for the next four Sundays... I'm not skipping - promise. I will flying home on three of those Sundays and we are going to see my good friend, Joyce in Hughes Springs on Nov 2 and 3rd so I enjoyed being at church Sunday morning! It was then off to Jim and Laurie's again but this time for the Birthday Celebration. We celebrated Jim's, Gran's and Rob's birthdays! They got a lot of really good presents! Jim requested Thanksgiving food and I was soooo happy - it was so good. I stuffed myself - I'm ready for Thanksgiving now! We watched the 1st half of the Cowboy football game and Brian and I left to go ride bikes with Stephanie and the boys. I can't wait to do that again - it was a lot of fun.

The birthday group

Playing Happy Birthday and singing a birthday song for all of us

The sun glaring off Rob's head while he opens his present & Kam (in the background) tried so hard to stay awake but just couldn't do it

I love this picture

Yes, I played Super Mario Bros on the old Nintendo - Love it

It was a busy but fun weekend. I tried to do see everybody since I know I will be gone a lot in the next two months. It was a fantastic time of family, friends, football and food!

Last, but certainly not least - HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHANNON!!!!!!


Josh and Shan said...

Thank you!!!

The Killough's said...

Hook 'Em Horns!!!

Goob said...

It was a fun weekend!!! I am so glad you are part of our family!