Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Rob!

A Special Poem to Rob on His Birthday:

To my future brother-in-law
It is good to know you do not have a flaw
You can always make me laugh
and you are lucky to have Stephanie as your better half

Here you are at Thirty-three
a great year ahead I can guarantee
So many moments we will share together
no matter the weather!

As I bring this poem to a close
Your love for your family always shows
You are a great father and brother
A wonderful person like no other!


BigHead said...

I love that poem!!!1

Josh and Shan said...

Goodness, the Estes fam sure knows their poetry.

The Killough's said...

Wow, Amanda!! That is REALLY good!!

stephanie said...

That was NICE!!!!! You are a great poet. We are lucky to be getting you in our family. You & Rob can sit around Christmas Eve & write poetry.

Goob said...

wow amanda I am soo impressed!! does this mean you will be writing your own vows?!