Monday, September 8, 2008

Mission Organization

After being engaged 3 weeks, I have quickly learned just how many million things I need to do in order to have a wedding. From dresses to flowers to photographers to guests to cakes and the list goes on and on, I am lucky to still be seeing straight. So I decided I was going to my best to be organized with all this information. So, like I said in an earlier blog, I went and bought The Easy Wedding Planner. It is a great book of ideas, information, and I am able to put all of my print outs of dresses, flowers, as well as business cards that I accrue and keep it orderly. So far, so good!

In addition to the planner for organziation, Brian's aunt Pam gave me a great idea on how to keep addresses for our guest list. She had a box when she got married that had index cards with each guest's address and information on it. On the back she wrote what gift they had given so you would know when you did thank-you cards. The cards were alphabetized and I was completely excited about the idea! I was telling my friend Stephanie B about this at church and she said that her friend did that and had pink index cards for her guests, blue for the groom's guests and another color for guest's that were both of our friends. To say I was thrilled at that idea was an understatement. (I know you are thinking I am crazy right now and that is ok!) So, after lunch Brian and I headed to the office supply stores and after arriving at Office Max we picked up our colored index cards, our letter dividers for alphabetization, and Brian found the cutest index card holder - and it is red - our wedding color! Yea!

Here's hoping this organization will last! I am open to any ideas or suggestions you might have!

My shiny red index card holder!


BigHead said...
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BigHead said...

Weddings are alot of hardwork.

stephanie said...

yay for colored index cards!!! hahaha :)