Friday, September 5, 2008

It's Football Time Again!

Yea! My absolute favorite time of year - Fall and Football! Of course, we have a little longer to wait on fall but football has begun! Yes, I know - crazy talk from a girl but when you grow up in a household with a father as a coach and two brothers, you learn to embrace it. Tonight we are all going to watch Royse City play Atlanta at Royse City's new stadium! I'm so excited! Tonight will begin my dad's 36th year of coaching! I enjoy going and watching him do what he loves to do! I've sat through the rain, wind and cold many games but always had a good time. So as the 2008 Football season begins, Good Luck Dad and win or lose, you are always #1 in my book!

Go Bulldogs!

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The Killough's said...

After being married to Brad for almost 2 years, I have learned to embrace it as well...and now that I understand the general idea, I love it!!