Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Labor Day Weekend Part 2

We are now to Sunday of Labor Day weekend and it was off to church Sunday morning! I love going to's so refreshing and a great time to listen and learn. It's also nice to fellowship with all of our friends. God is so good! Instead of going to a sit-down restuarant for lunch we got Caleb and Cade and went to our favorite place in the world - Whataburger! We picked up our lunch and headed back to the Estes household to enjoy our meal. After that, it was time to head home for a nap! I Love Sunday Naps! After Brian braved the heat and mowed his lawn, he headed over for my favorite show right now - Big Brother 10! Gotta love it...I will be sad when it is over but it does take up 3 nights of my week so maybe I'll find something to fill the void.

After a relaxing Sunday, on Labor Day, I did what I do best - I slept in! Yes, I know I have written sleep and slept a lot in these Labor Day blogs but I really really needed all of the sleep I got :-) When I got up, I made some brownies for our dessert after lunch. I think my breakfast was the brownie batter! Brian and I went to Wal-Mart to get the ingredients for his signature French Bread pizzas and then we went to Rob & Stephanie's. Brian fixed us a lovely lunch - the pizzas were marvelous! We even got a surprise visit from Shannon (Stephanie's sister)! It was fun to talk wedding stuff with her since she is the designated "Wedding Consultant." For me, someone who doesn't have sisters, I really enjoy being around Stephanie and her sisters just to see the bond they have. We talked about Brian and I's wedding and then we got to enjoy the wedding pictures from Rob and Stephanie's wedding. Loved it! Cade serenaded us with a song from the guitar and then we went into the living room to watch a marathon of Unwrapped on the Food Network.

Love to see my man cooking...I'll learn one day!

The French Bread pizzas before and after - these two were mine!

Cade playing the guitar for us and then for Brian and Caleb

Shannon and Stephanie looking at wedding photos - did Stephanie's wedding dress have a bow on the back or not?

Labor Day afternoon, Brian, Caleb and I went to the AT&T store to move my phone to Brian's plan, so he can start paying things for me...jk, and since it was time for me to get an upgrade - I got a new Blackberry! It is red and I love it! On our way home, Rob called and asked us to go by Home Depot to get some stuff for the plumbing in their house. We went and while Brian was trying to tell the Home Depot guy what we needed, Caleb and I stood back and took pictures. I have no idea what we bought at Home Depot b/c I have no clue about that stuff but it was a fun adventure to the stores anyways. After that, it was back to the Estes household and then I was on my way home!

My Labor Day present!!!

Caleb holding the long white pipe thing...Brian trying to scan it at the self-check out. Needless to we had to get some help to scan it :-)

That concludes my Labor Day Weekend 2008! Now it's back to work...


Josh and Shan said...

Her dress had a bow!!!!

Welcome to the BlackBerry family!!

Kati said...

Amanda, that WAS a long double post :) but so fun to read! And yay for 7 months till the wedding! Your hair looks great and I love your new phone...I totally remember the whole switching plans thing :-)

The Killough's said...

Oh goodness, we were all a sight to be seen at Steph's wedding!!! I am glad you were able to see those beautiful pictures!!!