Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day Weekend Part 1

What a weekend! It was great - so great that it takes two blogs! Prepare for long blogs! I relaxed and hung out with family and friends during my 4-day weekend and loved it! As you know on Friday, I was very lazy and proud of it! I slept in, stayed in my pj's most of the day and watched Little House on the Prairie (love that show)! Friday afternoon, I got out of my pj's and went with my mom to meet my sister-in-law to get my nieces, Kiersi and Kayden. They talked and laughed the whole way home. We got to my parent's house and the toys were out ready to be played with. We played inside and then we got the chalk and went and drew pictures outside on the porch and on the driveway. Kayden decided to draw on herself some of the time and had blue chalk on her face - soooo cute! I had to make a quick run to the Family Dollar b/c two of the toys' batteries had run out so it was a mad dash there and back to keep the girls happy. Brian came over later in the evening and we all sat around and played. Of course, Brian played with the building blocks and built many interesting things. Once it got close to bed-time we left so they could go to sleep. It was such a fun night with my nieces - I could just eat them up!!!

On the way to Papa and Nana's house!

Kiersi playing and putting makeup on Nana

Kayden using the chalk to draw on herself...more chalk got on their clothes than the pavement!

Saturday, it was off to Sulphur Springs for a hair transformation. Thank God for Samantha! We went by Jay and Tish's to see Kegan and then Brian took me to Samantha's new workplace - Belle Amie Day Spa and Salon. It was so nice! and me, being the bad blogger I am, forgot to take photos b/c I was soooo ready to get my hair cut, I couldn't think of anything else! Samantha did a fantastic job as usual and thankfully I can cross one wedding detail off of my to-do list...Samantha is my hairdresser for the wedding! Yea! Thank you Samantha for making my hair look 1,000% better!

After the salon, it was back to Jay and Tish's where Brian and I got to visit with them. It was really nice for me to see what Brian has talked about when he's gone to Sulphur Springs. I got to hold Kegan for a while and then it was off to eat Mexican food. My bowl of queso was great! I wasn't very hungry since Brian had brought me Chiloso for breakfast before we left - he's so sweet!

Brian and I each holding Kegan

After we left Sulphur Springs, we got back to Brian's house...he took a 40 minute nap and then we were off again to Stonebriar Mall so we could eat with Ryan and Kate at The Cheesecake Factory. I was excited to get to eat with them...we've only seen them a couple of times since they have been married so it was nice to spend an evening with them. Plus, this was Brian's first time to eat there. Before we ate, I went to Barnes and Noble and bought a Wedding Book - Easy Wedding Planner, Organizer and Keepsake. I was so excited! We then met Ryan and Kate and enjoyed a fabulous dinner with great conversation. I still can't believe my little brother is married! They are so happy together and that makes me happy! After we enjoyed our Cheesecake, (I had the Oreo cheesecake), it was back home for Brian and I! We enjoyed being able to visit everybody!

All of us at The Cheesecake Factory!

That was just Friday & Saturday...Sunday and Monday are to come!

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The Killough's said...

Thanks for the plug!! I am so excited that I get to do the hair for the wedding!!!