Friday, August 29, 2008

Lazy Day Friday

Yea! A day off! I've been looking forward to this 4 day weekend for a while! We are in the midst of the busy season at WoF so any time off is exciting! It was so nice to sleep late and I just plan to enjoy a nice, relaxing weekend! I am going to go with my mom today to pick up my nieces, Kiersi and Kayden and hang out with them! Tomorrow, Brian and I are going to Sulphur Springs so he can take me to Samantha so she can help my hair :-) Also, we get to see Brian's friends Jay, Trish and baby Keegan! Those are the plans for now and hopefully we will get to spend time with the Estes Boys too - looking forward to relaxing with friends and family! Hope you have a great Labor Day weekend!!!


The Killough's said...

It was so good to see you! I hope you like your hair!

Kati said...

you hair is so cute and i love your little wedding counter! :)