Thursday, September 11, 2008

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

It was very sunny when I landed this afternoon. It was a nice ride from the airport to the hotel b/c I got to see a lot of the older buildings in downtown Philly. The hotel is nice and I had a great evening. It was off to Maggiano's with WoF friends and then I hung out with my friend Missi Hale who sings on the Worship Team and then had a little fun dancing with Nicole C Mullen in the lobby of the hotel. I'm sure the guests were impressed as Missi sang and I danced for Nicole. Maybe she'll take me on tour with her next year!

All of us at Maggiano's

Missi singing for Nicole - she recorded us on her computer!

I don't know what Missi is doing - she's crazy but fun!


The Killough's said...

Will you get me tickets so that I can come see you on tour???

BigHead said...

Did you ask Nicole to sing at our wedding?

stephanie said...

um ok so THAT is way cool!!!!!! you just hung out with nicole c mullen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! who does that??!