Sunday, July 27, 2008

Boston, MA

I am home from Boston and it was a good trip. It was a little gloomy with the rain but on Saturday the sun came out to shine for us all. The conference went well and I had good volunteers this weekend. I did have two volunteers named Praise and Rejoice - I'm not kidding - and they were some of the nicest ladies I had ever met. It was neat being at the Arena where the Celtics play b/c it has a lot of memorabilia from this year and year's past. And you saw all of the championship banners hanging from the ceiling. Our OPS (Operations) room was in the visiting team's locker room so it is where our Registration Manager, Ray, said Kobe cried this year as the Lakers lost to the Celtics in the finals.

I didn't see much of Boston or take a tour. I know I should have but I was completely worn out. I got to see a lot on the way from the hotel to the arena so I have the memories! Saturday night I was in my hotel bed by 8:15 pm - craziness I know. I think all of the busyness of the past couple of weeks finally caught up to me and my body was telling me to rest. I also had to get up at 3:45 am to make my 6:00 am flight home this morning. It came early but it was worth it b/c I was in my very own bed at 10:15 am!

It was a good trip and now it's time to work on the next one! Tampa, FL comes in three weeks!

The TD BankNorth Garden - where the conference was held & where the Celtics play;
The Celtics logo was on a building across the street from the arena

Inside the Arena

I guess the wood is from the original floor - I just decided to take a picture of it;
The Red Sox Ice Cream Sports Bar was our dessert in catering

The Westin - our hotel; This bridge was right outside the arena

Two old churches outside our hotel

Boston Public Library

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