Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Life Lately - February Edition

We did a lot of things before we left for Disney World. When I was looking at my phone, all my home pics are from before our trip - I guess I thought my phone needed a break of taking pictures since we've been back! Here is what we were up to:

It's been surprisingly warm this month so we've been enjoying the sunshine

The Spring Soccer season begins soon so we brushed up on our skills

We were in DW when Mallory's school had her party but we still made the Valentines and box so Mallory could still be apart of it all. This year we went with Inside Out valentines. It's nice now that Mallory can sign her name and I don't have to write on them all!

I searched Pinterest for an idea for a Minnie Mouse Valentine's box and I found a simple one. I did wrap the shoe box and put the ears on and Mallory helped me with the all that and put the stickers on. She was so excited about it! I loved working on it with her!

The finished product!

Mallory's teacher texted me while we were in DW to tell us that Mallory's box won 1st place at her school! We were both so happy! Mallory was so concerned they were going to forget about her since she wouldn't be there and I promised her they wouldn't and all her valentines were waiting for her when she got back that next week.

We celebrated many birthdays this month! We went to my friend Melissa's daughter - Ella's 3rd Birthday Party at Urban Air. We don't see them that often but I'm so glad Melissa and I get to do these fun things together with our girls now. However, I did not clarify which Ella we were going to celebrate so Mallory thought it was her friend Ella Calhoun and was very upset when we got there and realized it wasn't for her. MomFail. Next time, I'll clarify. I do think she still had a fun time as you can see:

We celebrated our nephew Jensen's first birthday!! I love this picture of us together! Kate did a great job of decorating and we had a great time!

He loved his cake and it was so fun seeing him enjoy it all!

We also celebrated my dad's **th birthday too and we all wrote memories, thanks and thoughts for him to read. It was such a good idea from my Mom and I hope he loved reading them as much as we loved writing them!

Love this man!

We kept on celebrating by going to Top Golf for Cade's 13th birthday!! 

We all had fun just hanging out and watching them all try to hit the golf ball where they wanted it to go. Mallory got to hit it a couple of times and I think she loved it! LPGA here she comes!

Before we had our friends over for the Super Bowl, I asked Mallory to make her bed and this is what I got - not too bad!

We had Supper Club Super Bowl Party and invited our friends over for football and good food.

Joy and I were the only ones cheering for the Broncos so we were happy to come out victorious!! During halftime, we had our own entertainment and they rocked it out!

And that's what we've been up to!

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Brettni @ Bringing Up Brumfields said...

Y'all have ACED Valentine's Day Box making! Congrats on 1st place!

Love the picture of you and Jensen!!