Thursday, February 18, 2016

Disney World 2016 - Day 2 - Magic Kingdom & Epcot

After a great Day 1, we took our time getting up and ready for Day 2! We didn't rush to be there when Magic Kingdom opened since we had a breakfast reservation with the princesses planned as our first stop. My princess got all dressed up again to meet her princess friends.

We had our jackets on in the morning because of the cooler weather but it warmed up as the day went on. When we got to the park, we saw Minnie Mouse was having a meet and greet so we had to get in line to see her!

Minnie blowing kisses

Mallory gave her the biggest hug and just talked and talked to her! It was the sweetest thing!

I love this picture of Mallory and Minnie!

Family Pic!

We were all happy to see Minnie to start our day!

After our fun meeting, we headed to Cinderella's castle for our breakfast there

Our breakfast reservation was at Cinderella's Royal Table where you get to meet Cinderella and four of her princess friends. We've been talking about this breakfast from the minute I booked our dining reservation. Mallory was really looking forward to this and it did not disappoint!

You get to eat inside the castle which is neat to do! When we got in, you first got in line to meet Cinderella! Papa and Mallory were both ready to see her!

There she is! She chatted with her for a minute and Cinderella told her she liked her dress.

By this time, Mallory knew the drill of meeting and talking to each princess or character and then turning and smiling for the camera. She was a pro!

After meeting Cinderella, we headed up the castle for breakfast!

We all followed Mallory up the stairs to our room. We got to our floor and they sat us at our table. We ordered our breakfast and got ready to see who would come around. Look at her pretty smile!

This is the front of our menu

The Royal Hall

The view from the window close to where we were sitting

They brought us out a tray of pastries before our other food and they were really good!

After we enjoyed our breakfast, they announced the princesses and they began coming around to see everyone! We got to see Snow White!



Ariel - Mallory told this Ariel that we are staying in her room.

She got to talk with each of them for a bit and got all of their autographs! They gave each girl a magic wand as a souvenir and Mallory has not let it out of her sight since she got it!

We left the princesses and went to a store close to the castle. Nana and Papa had a bag of pennies and Mallory loved pressing the pennies with Papa!

We then headed to the Hall of Presidents. Growing up, I loved and still love all things Presidents. I love history and know I'm my father's daughter when it comes to history so we were excited to see the show. Brian and Mallory enjoyed it too! I'm sure Brian loved as I named all the Presidents as they were introducing them :)

Brian and I then went to ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad - such a fun ride!

We went to take another pic in front of Cinderella's Castle with Mallory in her Cinderella dress. First, I got a picture of Walt and Mickey Mouse

My little family still having a blast

All of us together! 

Brian and I had a Fast Pass for Space Mountain after this so Dad, Mom and Mallory headed to Epcot. They rode the monorail to Epcot and Mom sent me this picture of Mallory and Dad riding the monorail.

Brian and I headed to Tomorrowland and I was excited for Brian to ride Space Mountain for the first time.

Space Mountain

I think he's ready

I love the girl's face on the ride with us - so funny!

Once we finished our ride, we headed to Epcot to meet up with Mom, Dad and Mallory

We made it to the big golf ball as Mallory called it!

Selfie at Epcot! They don't allow selfie sticks at Disney World and I saw one not be allowed in when they checked bags earlier that morning.

Our first stop was to The Seas to see Nemo! She really wanted her picture with Dory and Nemo and I'm so glad there was a DW photographer there already taking pictures! I think it turned out great!

We got on the ride that takes you through Nemo's story

It was really neat animation in with the aquarium with the real fish

After the ride, we got out to look at all of the animals in the aquarium! We really enjoyed watching the dolphins.

I think Mallory would have stayed in there all day if we let her. She really does looking at all the fish and is so fascinated by it all.

We got to see a big stingray with fish all around. 

After the aquarium, we went to find a good burger in America so we hiked it to the other end of Epcot to eat some good food! We stopped on the way to get our family photo in front of the Epcot ball.

We passed through Japan on our way

We finally made it and enjoyed our food and rested. Our feet were barking by this time so we wanted to rest and Mallory fell asleep for a minute in the stroller on our walk to eat.

After good food and rest, we saw that Mulan was doing a character meeting in China so we headed that way! They had a neat performance going on when we got there.

And then we got to see Mulan herself! We love watching Mulan and I think it's a great movie so we were both excited to see her! I know I say "I love this picture" over and over but it's true - I love all these pictures because of Mallory's big smile with all of the princesses and characters!

By this time, the sun was about to set and Mallory wanted me to take her picture on the bridge so I obliged.

And my two loves on the bridge

We met back with Mom and Dad to watch The American Adventure to fulfill our history need :)

While we were waiting, Mallory was everyone's entertainment by dancing and running around. I'm surprised she still had so much energy!

After the show, we walked back to the boat to get our seat for the Illuminations show that night

Me and my girl on the boat

We found our spot for the show that night and Mallory and Brian made faces while we waited

The nighttime show "Illuminations" is so great and definitely a must see!

Once it was over, we headed back to our bus and the Epcot ball looks like the Earth when you are walking out

One more shot before we left

Mom and Dad

And that concludes our Day 2 - 1/2 a day at Magic Kingdom and 1/2 a day at Epcot. It was another fun-filled day with great memories made!


Josh and Shan said...

Did Mal ever stop smiling?!?! Such joy! I bet it was the best!

Lyndsey said...

Love those character breakfasts! That's where we got most of our autographs too! Day two looked awesome!!

Brettni @ Bringing Up Brumfields said...

Love that she told Ariel that y'all ere staying in her room. How adorable!!