Friday, November 13, 2015

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday Friends! Here are some of my favorite things from this week:

Brian and I had Wednesday off from work to observe Veteran's Day. We are grateful for the freedom we have because of the brave! We didn't have too much planned since it was in the middle of the week so we decided to get up and go have a nice breakfast. We love The Fatted Calf's breakfast and I devoured my favorite: the Breakfast Sliders. Fried Egg + Hashbrowns + Bacon + Cheddar on a Biscuit = Amazing! You have to try it!

We are almost 3 weeks away from our girl's trip to NYC! I can't believe it is getting so close. I booked by flight so long ago thinking it was so far away! I needed to get some essentials for the cold and found some items at Target for the trip! I got a cute beanie and a nice warm top.

I also got some nice, warm boots! I've been wanting to get some for a while so I was happy to finally get some. I may just wear them everyday in the winter. They are so comfortable!

Some of my favorite people are in a new movie coming out next year! The Women of Faith movie will be playing in some theaters for certain nights and I already informed Brian we are going. Since Women of Faith is ending it's run this year, they compiled a movie filled with some of the speaking team, musical performances, interviews and behind the scenes footage. I loved getting to be behind the scenes for so many years so it will be fun to see that shared with everyone who loved and supported WoF for so many years!

My favorite thing to be watching this week is the Hallmark Channel. Yep, I've been enjoying all the Christmas movies that are now on and are looking for the new ones also coming on after Thanksgiving! Mallory likes to snuggle and watch them with me! 

We also love to watch the Holiday Baking shows on the Food Network! Any cake decorating or cupcake decorating shows, we are enjoying watching them together too! Loving all the holiday shows!

And my favorite people - Mallory loves just coming and sitting right on Brian. She thinks it's very funny!

I don't take many sleeping pics but I love getting some because I love how peaceful and beautiful she is. Thankful God allows me to be her Mom.

Finally - tonight the Yellowjackets play in Round 1 of the Playoffs! We can't wait to bundle up and cheer our favorite player, Caleb and all the Yellowjackets on!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend friends!

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