Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Mani/Pedi Time!

Sunday, I took Mallory to get her first manicure and pedicure. I had received a nice gift certificate for Mother's Day to a nail salon and I finally used it Sunday. Mallory loves for me to paint her nails so I figured she would love getting them done and I was excited to go on this Mother/Daughter date together!

When we got there, she had to look at all of the nail polishes before making her decision. She definitely wanted sparkles so that was the first thing she picked and got a bright pink as the base color. She sat in her chair, I sat in my chair beside her and the fun began.

She didn't know what to think at first when the water was turned on but soon they turned the light on that changes color and she was all in!

She just got her fingernails painted so I guess it wasn't a full manicure but she didn't care. She was happy to be getting them painted!

She couldn't stop laughing when they were scrubbing the bottom of her foot. I wish I had gotten it on video

She was skeptical when they started messaging her legs but quickly learned to enjoy it. I love the smile on her face. Our nail specialist was so sweet with her!

All done with her fingernails and toenails. She couldn't wait to show them off!

When I got done she had to take a picture of our toes

It was such a special treat and we both enjoyed it so much! I love sharing these moments with her and I hope there are more to come!

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