Monday, August 10, 2015

Fun Trips Ahead

Lately, I have been in Trip Planning mode! I have a couple of fun trips coming up at in 2015 and 2016 and I am really excited about them both! 

First, we are taking a girls trip to NYC in December! Yes, Christmas in NYC! We have talked about going in the past and this year, we just said we were going to do it and we are! I've never been to NYC so I'll be the crazy tourist - hopefully the girls won't leave me :) 

We each have a couple of places we definitely want to see and on the top of my list is the Empire State Building (at sundown/night)

And since we are going in December, a stop by the Rockefeller Christmas Tree is a must!

Lyndsey requested a stop by Serendipity so we can indulge ourselves in the sweets!!

We also talked about taking a tour around the city, ice skating, Times Square, etc... we have a lot to pack in a short amount of time but I know we can do it! December still seems so far away - since the temps are in the 100's but I know it will be here before we know it! I'm looking forward to sharing these experiences with my sweet friends!!

In February 2016, The Estes Family is going to Disney World!! I'm so excited about this as well because I know Mallory will be thrilled! It isn't a surprise for her since we've had to talk about it a lot for planning so she keeps asking if we are going Today. Brian has never been as well so it will be an experience for him as well! I'm really excited that our parents are going along with us too! I'm looking forward to sharing in this experience with them!

Of course, our first stop will be seeing Cinderella's Castle. Mallory has seen it so many times on TV so I know she will love seeing it in person

The reason we booked so far out is because you can make dining reservations 180 days out, which for us will be later this week. I will be that crazy person to be up at midnight to try and get a reservation at a time that works for us. One of the top places we want to get is a meal at Cinderella's Royal Table inside Cinderella's castle. Here's hoping!

We've also been told by multiple people to be sure to get a Fast Pass for the Toy Story Mania ride because it is a long wait if you don't.

We are staying at the Art of Animation resort - one of the newest resorts at Disney. We will be staying in the Little Mermaid Room. Thankfully Brian was OK with this choice :)

Our friend Holly is a travel agent with Crazy About the Mouse and has been so helpful in getting everything planned for us! I highly recommend her if you are looking to plan a trip!

The last time I went to Disney World was 2004 and I know so much has changed since then and I cannot wait to experience through the eyes of our little girl!

I'm also posting this because I am open to any and all recommendations for NYC and/or Disney World! Please tell me what we have to do while at these places! Let the planning continue!!


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