Monday, August 31, 2015

Friday Night Football - Yellowjacket Style

Our weekend started off with Friday Night Football cheering on our Yellowjackets. Every time we drive by the football stadium, Mallory asks when we are going so I was happy to finally say that football was back and we would be going to watch some football! Here are some pics from the Yellowjackets first football game of 2015. I was looking at all the pics and think I took a picture of everyone who was there and not too many of the game but everybody was all smiles so I snapped away!

She looks so big to me in this picture! She was so excited!

Growing up at football games! Football is a family tradition and I love making these memories with my family!

Me and my girl ready for the game

Family selfie shot

Once we got there and saw Auntie and Cade, we got our seat and Mallory saw Uncie and had to tell him hi

We always look forward to seeing Auntie and Amy at the games!

Our friends, The Loflands and The Ballards joined us too and Liam was excited to see the Yellowjacket (yes, we are the Yellowjackets in orange colors - weird, I know!)

And Mallory was hiding behind Brian when the Yellowjackets came by. She does not want to be near them at all - crazy girl!

Safe in Daddy's arms!

It was time for the game to start and Mallory loves the blow up tunnel the team runs through so she was happy to see it again this year. I love all that goes along with the games: the band, cheerleaders, drill team, etc... It just makes it all so much fun

These three played and watched the game together! We love Mallory's new spirit necklace from Pretty as Pie!

Not too long after the game started, cousin Caleb came by so she was thrilled to see him!

My sweet friends and a photobomb by Jaile - I love it!

I wish to say the game was exciting but our Jackets lost a lot of players this year so this may be a rebuilding year, if you know what I'm saying :/

Halftime brought the Stingerettes and band. Mallory loves to dance with them

At the end of halftime, a Marine Corporal surprised his family. They thought they were just being honored for his service but  then he walked out of the tunnel and it was a great moment!

This is a better pic someone took for the school. This is his sister embracing him

These two friends having a great time!

And when they were done watching the game, they played hide'n'seek

And then it was time to color

Finally, we headed home after our fun with our family and friends! Here's hoping the Jackets have a better game next week!

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