Monday, July 6, 2015

4th of July 2015

We had the most wonderful day celebrating our country's Independence!! We are so grateful for our freedom and are truly thankful for the sacrifices made so that we can be free!

We decided to start the day by going to our town's parade but before we left, I had to get a picture of my little firecracker!

And apparently I just want to make myself cry when I make these collages - time flies! 

I was excited about all we had planned for the day but the biggest thing I was most excited about was just getting celebrate with Brian and Mallory all day long! Here we are before the parade started

We were happy that our nephew Cade wanted to come with us to the parade

I didn't take many pics of the parade but it was fun! Our friend Charles was riding one of the horses at the beginning so we got to wave to him.

After the parade, we headed to the fireworks store to get some sparklers for the night


Our friend Adam works at the fireworks store every year so Mallory was happy to get to see him

We got our sparklers and headed home to rest before the party later in the afternoon

After naps by all of us, we headed to our friend Joy's neighborhood for their 4th of July party! There was a band, lots of good food and a whole lot of fun!

 We got to hang out with our closest friends and our kids got to all play together! I love celebrating holidays with these families!

Love these ladies so much and am thankful to call them friend.

Love this man!

Fruit pizza is my go-to dessert for 4th of July so I decided to be more creative this year! Not the prettiest but it was sooooo yummy!

These two sweet friends were sitting down petting the cat and they actually obliged to a picture together! Win win!

The band played 90's country music. If you know me at all, that is my favorite music!! I listen to the 90's country station on Pandora all day long at work so I was thrilled when the music started playing! I might have sung in the microphone some but that video will never been seen (right Lyndsey?!?!) Although, she may post it after she sees the photo of her belting it out below! You did a great job singing Lyndsey!

Trey singing

and my man singing!

They were all singing Friends in Low Places by Garth Brooks. Again, video was taken but will never be seen.

After the singing, it was time for sparklers

We had the best time with our friends at the party! So thankful to The Calhouns for the invite!

We left the party just in time to make it to see our town's big fireworks show with our family!

Zoey and Mallory watching the fireworks

Definitely a great day!


Josh and Shan said...

So fun! I love the 4th of July almost as much as Christmas!

The Killough's said...

What a fun day!! I love everything about the 4th of July!!