Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

Sunday was a great day! I enjoyed just getting to be with my family and being with the one who made me a mom! We woke up Sunday morning and Mallory and I decided to make pancakes. I love having my little helper by me when I cook. She had to wear one of my shirts to sleep in the night before :)

Before we ate, Mallory brought me flowers and a card for Mother's Day. I think the most exciting thing for me was that she wrote my name on the card! So big!

After breakfast, we got ready to head to my parent's church. All dressed up ready to go!

We decided to surprise my Mom by going to church with her and my Dad. I think she was really surprised when Mallory walked in with her flowers! I'm so glad we got to worship together!

Love my girl!

We went to lunch after church and then headed home to rest before heading to Pam's to celebrate more!

All the grandkids and great-grandkids with Gran. Yes, that is my exhausted child bawling because she did not want her picture taken. Classic.

The storm started rolling in while we were there and we all laughed when the guys went out to talk about the weather like they knew what they were talking about :)

We ate some great food as always and just enjoyed chatting it up!

Gran and Grandma Marsha with the kids and grandkids

The Estes clan

The crazy Estes boys

Mother's Day ended with my friend Melody introducing us to the app DubSmash. I can't stop laughing at the fun videos we made with that. Let's just say, I rocked some Celine Dion. I had to let Mallory get in on the fun!

Haha! Love her expressions! 

What a wonderful day!

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