Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Glamour Party

Saturday morning, Mallory and I headed to her friend Addison's birthday party at Groovy Cuts for Kids. You can have a Glamour Party there where they will glam the girls up and have a fashion show. Mallory knew that we were going to the birthday party but I did not tell her where it was because I knew she would flip! She was so surprised when we got to the back room and saw Addison getting her makeup and hair done! And the fun began:

The first step was for the girls to pick out there dresses. They had so many colorful choices and of course, Mallory went with pink

Then, you got your nails painted;

The next step was more make-up and as I was watching her getting this done, all I could think about was Brian and how he is not ready for this!

She thought the eye shadow was the best thing ever!

The last stop was the hair station. After their "do" was complete, they got some hair glitter that she loved!


While they waited for all of the girls to get done, they played musical chairs and some other games

When everybody was ready to go, they all lined up for the Fashion Show

While they were getting their hair done, the lady asked them each a couple of questions: 

What's your favorite color?
What's your favorite movie?
Where's your favorite place to shop?

They used that information for when introduced each girl on the stage. They called out each girl's name and the walked to the front of the stage to pose. It was so cute!

Here is the video of Mallory's Modeling Debut:

We finally got a spin out of her but I love how she wasn't shy to rush to the stage. She kept telling everybody that got to be on stage.

At then end, all the girls got a group picture with the birthday girl up front

I was happy to get a picture with her before she had a full-on meltdown when I told her she had to take the dress off

Once all the dresses were off, the girls watched the presents being opened, sang Happy Birthday and enjoyed eating the cupcakes.

I'm not sure who had more fun: Me or Mallory. I loved every second of it watching her getting her makeup and hair done. I know it's a foreshadowing of the dances, proms, etc...that are in the future and it just makes me smile. She had the biggest smile on her face the whole time and she kept asking me to look at her dress. 

And Brian said she's never wearing make-up again :)

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Brettni @ Bringing Up Brumfields said...

Seeing your reflection in the mirror while you were photographing Mallory was the BEST! I'm not sure who had more fun either!

And her modeling debut! Spin, spin, SPIN! Loved it!!