Monday, December 29, 2014

Our Family Christmas 2014

Christmas morning at our house was wonderful! Mallory had been waiting for this day for since the Christmas tree went up and she couldn't wait for it to be here. This was the first year that she was really into everything Christmas and I knew she would be thrilled when she woke up Christmas morning. Mallory only asked for three things this Christmas: a Doc Mobile (just like Doc McStuffins), an Anna doll and an Elsa doll. Grammy was getting her the dolls so as soon as Mallory went to bed, I got the Doc Mobile out for her to see first thing in the morning. We don't even say some gifts are from Santa because she dislikes him so much, she definitely doesn't want to know that he's been in our house :)

She woke up about 7:30 am Christmas morning and was ready to go! We told her to wait until we went into the living room and then told her to come in. This picture describes how fast she was running to get to the presents

She looked at her Doc Mobile for a bit and had a big smile. I should have taken it out of the box so she could have seen it all but now I know and I'll be ready for next year!

She then opened the gifts in her stockings. We got her some stick-on earrings that she had been wanting so that was a hit!

Here is a video of her running in to see her presents:

After she looked in her stocking, we listened to Brian read the Christmas story of Jesus's birth and the most wonderful gift we were given!

Mallory then had her eyes on the big present she has been wanting to open since I sat it under the tree. 

She is ready to go shopping at the store like she does with me every week. She was even excited about the play food that came in the shopping cart.

She stared opening her other gifts and I'll be honest, I expected her to be excited about the Doc Mobile but I did not expect her to be so shocked and thrilled about this:

A pink Frozen shirt with Anna and Elsa on it. Her face was perfect

Her reaction on video - it happens at about 1:08:

She loved it so much that she wore it to bed Friday night and most of Saturday

After Mallory opened her gifts, Brian and I opened ours. Brian got me a new SFA shirt! He said that I needed a new one since all of mine that I wear are from my college days. But hey, at least they still fit, right?

I love these pictures of me and my favorite girl

Brian got some Pecan Swirls in his stocking. He loves them!

Love these two!

It was such a wonderful morning!!

My parents stopped by on their way to my grandmother's. Mallory was thrilled to show Nana and Papa all that she had received! I'm so glad we got to see them on Christmas Day!

2014 Christmas morning, you were the best!


Lyndsey said...

I love her face when she got her Anna and Elsa shirt! And the blurry picture of her running in is the perfect example of christmas morning crazy! Glad y'all had such a wonderful morning together!

The Killough's said...

I love the pic of her running through the house!! So funny!