Friday, October 24, 2014

Five on Friday & Friday Favorites


Can we just get a hallelujah that we made it to the weekend?? Monday was a Monday so Brian and I definitely thought we deserved dessert. It's always interesting working with your spouse. There are days you want to come home and not talk about work but that's really all we have to talk about when we get home :) Thankfully, we have Mallory to get us out of work mode and into family/home mode but living with a three year old is not easy. She is going through a very clingy phase where she just wants me and does not want to do anything without me. Yes, I'm grateful she loves me but it's been hard when I've had to leave and she cries. Being three is hard. And being thirty-two is hard sometimes too. Yay for Friday!


So, this week, this song has been on repeat. I love a good worship song and I really love Meredith Andrews. Open Up The Heavens is a wonderful song. Enjoy.


We've been enjoying the cooler evenings and we played hopscotch outside this week. We are also trying to have more routine in our evening routine so Mallory can know when it's dinner time, play time, bath time, rest time and bed time. I know it won't happen every night but it is nice when we are home to try and do it. She wanted her Disney book to read when she went to bed this week which match perfectly with her Disney Princess pillow.


I'm still loving reading a Proverbs chapter every day and am learning so much! So many great words that God wants us to hear and to live by. It is such a good way to start out the day!


I know its' not even Halloween but I really would love to make a wreath like this for Christmas. The how-to looks easy enough but I do not have one crafty bone in my body. Who wants to make one with for me??

On that note, have a wonderful weekend!!

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Jamie Ross said...

Hey! I really love Meredith Andrews, too. Open Up The Heavens is a wonderful song! Your daughter is adorable! And I think that is a great idea to read Proverbs daily. :)
Also, that wreath is super cute! It'd be fun to make a Christmas one!!
Happy Day to you!

Brettni @ Bringing Up Brumfields said...

I saw this quotes yesterday. "You have the exact qualities God knew your kid would need in a mother." - Lysa Terkeurst.

You're doing great, Mama! And you must give this wreath a try.